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The Rechargers is a niche consulting firm specialized in EV charging platform implementation and integration projects


EV Charging Platform selection

Whether you are new to the market or preparing yourself to scale, a good customer experience and efficient processes are critical for your growth. The Rechargers help you to select a platform supporting this. Based on our insights in the leading platform vendors and feedback from their clients, we help you to find the platform that is the best fit for your needs.

IT roadmap definition

Selecting the right IT strategy to capture the hypergrowth in the EV Charging market is crucial but not always easy. Which capabilities should you prioritize? Should you buy or build? At The Rechargers, we have the right experience to create an IT roadmap with you that balances short and long term business needs with budgets constraints. All based on a future proof architecture, preparing you to launch your next offering fast.

Integration design

From CRM systems managing your drivers, fleet managers and location owners, over EV platforms operating the chargers, to ERP systems for billing and accounting: EV Charging processes typically touch multiple systems. At The Rechargers we understand the business processes and the platforms used in this market. This positions us uniquely to provide you with expert knowledge during your integration project.

M&A - Technical due diligence

Whether you are a venture capitalist looking to invest in an EV Charging company or a larger player looking to increase its market share with an acquisition, you want to understand what you are buying. Are the platforms of your target a growth enabler or should you brace for a surprise? The Rechargers can give you deep insights in the IT landscape of your target in a short timeframe.


Expert consultants going the extra mile

Michiel Lemeire

Experienced functional lead for SaaS platforms in niche markets.

Arno Rondou

Developer turned business analyst.
Author of the EV platform landscape.

Willem Seynaeve

Functional analyst who owns processes and domain models.


Alec Vanderper

Process specialist with a close eye on the customer journey.


Evelien Goossens


Vincent Ramaekers


Jozef Pajzinka


Sébastien van Loo

Co-Founder | Senior Solution Architect

Jeroen Gernay

Founder | EV-Platform expert

What our clients say

"Consolidating 5 business units active in 4 countries with multiple business models on a single IT landscape isn't easy. The Rechargers helped us to design the most suited solution and created a solid plan to implement it.

Where they make the difference? They know the EV Charging business, they know our EV Charging platform & our other systems and they know how to deliver an IT project.

We are very glad we kept them on board for the execution and migration to the new solution as well."

Why the Rechargers?

Jeroen Gernay - Founder

The world is going green and electrical vehicles are a major part of this transformation, so more and more companies jump on the opportunity to offer EV charging. I love how this combines huge business potential with technological innovation while making the world more sustainable at the same time. But it isn't easy to succeed in this market. One of the key challenges: getting the platforms behind these offerings right. You want to offer an excellent customer experience, be ready for hypergrowth and have a short time to market, all while the technology keeps changing and the revenue of EV charging isn't there yet.

Based on my experience implementing niche market solutions for utilities at Accenture and other large system integrators, I know who can make a platform implementation a success: people that understand this new market, are tech-savvy and have previous delivery experience. Architects, functional designers and project managers that understand EV charging and understand the platforms.

I know as well how hard it is to find them. Looking at the market, I see a lot of strategy companies that can calculate the business case of public charging for you, agencies that will design a great interface for a fleet manager or system integrators that can provide you with high skilled developers. But I didn't see a company yet that can provide you with a functional team that knows EV charging and can guide you in the right direction during your implementation.

By founding The Rechargers, I took up this challenge: To create a team of experts that can help you to implement and integrate an EV charging solution that meets your needs.

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