Meet Jozef

Solution Architect


Jozef Pajzinka

Jozef Pajzinka is a highly experienced Solution Architect with over 11 years of experience in designing and delivering solutions for utilities, specifically in the industries of Electrical Vehicle Charging, Utilities (Retail, Grid), and Smart Grids (Metering, DERMS). He holds a Master's degree in Informatics and is IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering.

Jozef has a strong background in implementing complex projects and integrations, systems and integration design, and management of complex requirements in large European tenders.


With his expertise in system architecture design, solution delivery, and knowledge of multiple common systems and their integration, Jozef is a valuable asset to any team looking to implement innovative solutions.

What is important to me?
"I am dedicated to ensuring that projects are completed to the highest standards, while also finding ways to make the work enjoyable and fulfilling. For me, it's important to balance the demands of work with the need for a positive and engaging work environment." - Jozef

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