Meet Arno

Consultant | Functional Analyst


Arno Rondou

Arno is a passionate consultant at The Rechargers with a strong background in technology and a wealth of experience in the field. As a graduate in Computer Science with a deep understanding of the EV and IT landscape, Arno possesses a unique skill set that allows him to provide exceptional solutions to clients. 

Drawing on his insights into various business domains, Arno understands the needs of clients and uncovers crucial details that make a difference in delivering best-fitted solutions.


With a proven track record in development, as the author of an EV charging SaaS platform analysis and a migration project with a leading EV fast charging company, Arno brings both technical and market knowledge to The Rechargers. 

"I am passionate about contributing to the fast-paced shift towards electric mobility and working alongside industry leaders to drive innovation and progress," says Arno.

With his dedication and expertise, Arno is excited to make a meaningful impact in the industry and help The Rechargers lead the way in electric mobility.

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