Beyond the average consultancy job

At the Rechargers, we offer you everything you expect in a consulting company. Cool projects, good salary, nice benefits, fast growth path, great events. But we go beyond this.

You will

  • contribute to the growth of a start-up. Together, we decide where this company goes.
  • travel to clients all over Europe. Hello city trip!
  • get individual coaching. We want you to grow, so we can grow The Rechargers.

Our positions

We are looking for subject matter experts on EV charging
who understand clients and know how to deliver an IT project

Functional designer

You take ownership over the content and bring user stories from initial idea all the way to go-live. Your first focus is the functional designs, but you don't hesitate to challenge the requirements and brainstorm with business owners how they could improve their value proposition. When the go-live date is getting close, you keep an eye on the testing to make sure everything works like it should.

What makes you different from the average analyst? You like to contribute based on expertise so you are eager to learn more about the specialized platforms and the technology behind EV charging. You combine this with understanding the customer journeys of EV drivers, installers, fleet managers and location owners.

Project manager

Content is what drives you. You keep an eye on budget, planning and risks but what really motivates you is to get the most business value out of a project. Based on your understanding of the market you challenge clients when needed and help them set the right priorities. Functional, technical, development, testing and infrastructure tracks are equally important to you since you need all of them for a successful go-live.

You can manage these teams based on your previous project experience with EV charging or in related industries, like utilities. This means you know where an EV charging project can go wrong before it actually goes wrong. You like to work in start-ups and innovation departments where delivering a project goes hand in hand with building the organization.

Solution Architect

Bigger Picture is your middle name. You have seen multiple systems at utilities and/or EV charging companies. Based on this hands-on implementation experience, you know how to create a future proof functional architecture and select the right systems. At the same time, you are a good communicator. You like to listen to everyone, collecting input on pain points and possible solutions. You communicate your vision to make sure everyone buys in to the proposed solution.

Your main responsibility: take the difficult decisions on where and how things should be implemented, combining your technical background with business knowledge. This makes you the right hand of the project manager, helping to estimate effort and understand risks, and provides a guideline for the functional analysts during their designs.

What we offer

an international career with roles that matter

A unique growth path

Our clients are looking for experts that understand the EV charging market and know how to deliver a project. The Rechargers will help you to grow in both areas. Aside from building up business knowledge in EV charging, a fast growing domain, you'll become an expert on a large number of related systems.

Where The Rechargers are different: we are a start-up. You won't be a number, part of the masses, but you wil get individual coaching and training from senior consultants to grow faster than anywhere else.

of innovation projects

EV charging is not yet business as usual. Not for our large clients who are launching a new business unit or acquired a start-up, not for our small clients who are struggling to grow. We typically work for a founder, innovation manager or investor who wants things to move fast.

You will have the possibility to influence decisions that set the direction. People want to move forward fast so you can focus on what matters. No endless reviews, no rejected designs because you didn't follow the template. But don't underestimate the challenge: expect some chaos and other growing pains on projects with high visibility.

at European clients

Be ready to discover the world Our target clients are European companies investing in EV charging so you travel quite a lot in this job.

It is great to learn how people and teams work in different countries but let's be honest about it: what you are really after, is making your friends jealous with the great travel pictures.

making the difference for our clients

The Rechargers are staffed to bring expertise that others don't have. Therefore, you can expect roles where your input makes the difference. Whether you are the project manager helping to launch a new value proposition, a solution architect that picks the most suited systems or a functional expert providing guidance to other team members, in every project you will find a challenge and an opportunity to grow. The Rechargers will help you finding those roles that help you grow and you love the most.

and for The Rechargers!

We are not a big system integrator where you are just a number. We are a small niche company where a person can make the difference and The Rechargers will give you the support to do this. Whether you like to think about our company's strategy, sell a new project to a client, assist in recruitment, write a new blog on the website, spend 2 weeks studying on a cool subject or organize the next company event: you get the freedom to make the difference.

Ready to get started?

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